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Phase 3 Renewables specializes in the development and commercialization of waste to renewable energy systems and biobased products. Our focus is primarily in the agricultural sector. We offer a one-stop-shop to evaluate, fund, plan, construct and operate your biomass energy project.

Our professional services include:

As an Integrated System Provider, Phase 3 Renewables offers a variety of systems related to energy production and valuable organic by-products. Each system can produce useable and marketable products that can create cost savings and/or extra income for your business.


Our systems offered include:

Site and System Design
Phase 3 Renewables uses standardized components to minimize costly additional engineering. However, some amount of engineering is required to integrate the biomass energy system with your site, and to be sure that equipment is sized appropriately for the distances and pressures at which the feedstock, digestate and biogas must travel. Licensed professional engineering services are also required for interconnection to the electrical grid or gas utility pipeline. We won't "over-engineer" your system, but we will ensure that it is properly designed to function reliably and with the amount of automation you desire. With a combination of our own employees and our partner engineering companies, Phase 3 Renewables provides mechanical, electrical, civil, structural and biochemical engineering expertise.

Since state and local regulations vary, Phase 3 Renewables can assist you in determining what permits are required for your site. We can provide the technical and operational aspects of permit applications, or if you prefer, prepare the entire permitting package for your submission.

Equipment selection
Within our standard modules, Phase 3 Renewables provides several equipment options to choose from. If your site requires specialized equipment that is not part of our standard modules, Phase 3 Renewables determines the proper specifications and obtains competitive quotations.

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Whether you are looking to manage odor, manage manure, or generate energy or income, we can build a customized, complete turn-key system for your operation. Phase 3 Renewables has the experience, capabilities and resources to complete the service tasks and provide the equipment needed to make your project a success!

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